How to Pick a Decent Cattery Buckinghamshire – Cattery 365

Are you looking for the right cattery? Here are the main questions you can pose.

When looking for a new cattery Dunstable, it’s crucial that you, as the owner, are pleased with your decision. Here are some questions you should ask a prospective cattery:

Do the cats have their own heated sleeping quarters?

Only cats from the same family should share a boarding facility. Heating will keep your cat warm no matter what the weather is like.

Are pets boarded there too?

The sight, smell, or noise of dogs in kennels can be extremely stressful for cats and should be avoided at all costs.

Is there a spot for the cats to run outside?

Some catteries only have indoor shelter. The majority of cats enjoy outdoor play. Outdoor plays also have better ventilation, which helps to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses inside the cattery Dunstable.

Is there a passage for safety?

A safety passage covers the entrances to each cat’s quarters, allowing for quick recapture of cats if they try to flee.

May I set up an appointment to look around?

Go somewhere else if the cattery owner is unfriendly or refuses to let you see the premises.

How much does it cost to board a cat in a kennel?

Costs can differ greatly. From about £4-£5 a day per cat in more pleasant rural areas to £10-£11 a day per cat (or more!) in increasingly busy neighborhoods close airports, motorways, and other major thoroughfares.

Is it appropriate for my cat to be vaccinated in order to survive in a cattery Dunstable?

Yeah, indeed! Up-to-date vaccines for upper respiratory disease or feline infectious enteritis are essential in order to reduce the risk of cross infection in the cattery. More information on cat vaccines can be found here.

My cat is on a special diet. Is she still able to sit in a cattery?

If you provide it, most catteries would be able to feed your cat a prescription diet. When making a reservation, it is best to negotiate this with the cattery’s owner. Prescription foods (also known as veterinary and therapeutic foods) could only be purchased from a veterinarian, and they can be supplied to a cattery to feed the cats.

I have four cats; will they be able to coexist?

Four cats need a lot of space. This can be used if the cattery has a larger family unit available. Some catteries enable cats to use the entire area by opening cat flaps between smaller units.

My Persian cat needs daily grooming. Should I demand this level of attention from a cattery?

Grooming is important for Persian and longhair cats. If the cat enjoys it, general grooming should be done as part of the regular routine. Extra grooming can be charged by certain catteries Dunstable. When making a reservation, it is best to check with the proprietor.

What if my cat becomes sick during her stay?

A good cattery owner will ensure you that your cat will be well cared for when in the cattery. Cats should be checked on a regular basis, and any questions about such a cat’s health should be answered as soon as possible either with the cat’s own veterinarian or even the cattery vet, whatever is necessary. When your cat becomes sick, you may be asked to sign an Authorisation for Veterinary Care form, which gives the proprietor permission to seek treatment for it.